DFT/MD : Pay Only for Computing Resources

Pay only for using the cloud servers for your simulation.
Currently we offer two discount options, unlimited computing subscription plan 'Unlimited Plan' and bundle package 'Atom Pack'.

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$0.25 per core hour

Calphad: Pay Only per Phase Diagram

You can get six types of phase diagram, List-equilibrium, binary, ternary, multi, user-defined, and function diagram at a price of $0.1 up to $ 2 which depends on the database.

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Polymer: PolymRize

MatSQ Polymer is provided with a subscription plan. The predictable properties are as follows, and 1 credit will be used for each property calculation.

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Subscription Plan

Unlimited Plan

Subscribe the MatSQ's unlimited plan and Expand your research with the UNLIMITED cloud computing resources!

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Subscription Plan

Support Plan

Subscribe MatSQ support plan and get full support from MatSQ simulation experts.
Conduct your simulation deeply and smoothly with MatSQ experts’ full support.

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Education Plan

Materials Square Education

Materials Square Education is a platform for materials simulation education.
You can learn simulation theory(DFT/MD), machine learning, semiconductor, catalyst, energy, metallurgy, and, quantum dot.
Currently, Materials Square Education is only available in Korean.

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MatSQ Credit Bundle Package

Atom Pack

Save your budget up to 50% discount with MatSQ Credit bulk option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is MatSQ a free software?

A. No. MatSQ is a web service. MatSQ is free to register. Modeling and pre/post data visual analysis are free for registered users.

Q. Is there an annual fee to be paid?

A. No. MatSQ pricing policy is PAY-AS-YOU-GO. Users only pay for what they use.

Q. How much is MatSQ?

A. DFT, MD costs are based on the computing resource used in the simulation. Calphad costs depending on the database you use. We have various pricing options such as unlimited plan and bulk package. Detailed information is above.

Q. Is there any pricing plan for student?

A. Yes. We have a pricing option for academy users which is 'Graphite-100'. Academy users(must use a school-issued email account) can use 2,000 cpu hours with $ 100.(Normal price : 2,000 CPU hours=$500)

Q. Can I know the price before starting calculation?

A. No. The price prediction is currently in development. This feature will be updated soon.

Q. Can I share credits with others?

A. Yes. You can share credits with MatSQ group billing option. If you want to create a group, please contact to

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. MatSQ accepts credit card with stripe online payment. To pay by check or wire transfer, please call 82.2.3293.0204.

Q. Can I learn DFT and MD with MatSQ?

A. MatSQ provides monthly webinar for free to users. You can check an upcoming webinar on MatSQ main page and tech blog and watch previous webinars on Youtube.