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You can produce List-equilibrium, Binary, Ternary, Multi, Function and User-defined phase diagram easily on web.

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Don't worry about database and software fees anymore. Pay only for the number of phase diagram you get.

Calphad Modules

What kind of phase diagram do you need?

Calphad is a method of CALculating PHAse diagrams. MatSQ Calphad provides six types of phase diagrams.


You can calculate the information of each phase on a temperature condition.

Multi component phase diagram

You can calculate each phase information of the microstructure of alloy with various elements added according to the temperature.

Binary phase diagram

You can calculate the phase diagram between two elements.

Ternary phase diagram

You can calculate the phase diagram between three elements.

User-defined diagram

You can calculate the phase information of alloy according to the custom settings.

To get user-defined phase diagram ⇢

Function diagram

You can calculate energy function (G, H, S, activity, etc) according to the temperature or composition.

Type of functions ⇢


Pay Only per Phase Diagram

You can get a phase diagram at a price of $0.1 up to $ 2 which depends on the database.

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