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[Webinar] MatSQ 106: Optical Property Calculations on MatSQ | Oct 27

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MatSQ 106: Optical Property Calculations on Materials Square

In this webinar, you'll learn :

1) Background : Brief introduction of optical processes
2) Tutorial : How to calculate optical properties on Materials Square
- Dielectric function, refractive index, and absorption coefficient

Presentation File : Webinar-MatSQ-106-Optical-Property.pdf

💥 The 3rd FOLLOW ME Contest

Follow a tutorial during the MatSQ 106 webinar, and publish your final data on the Open Research page.
Three winners will be randomly chosen to receive $100 credits.

> How to post your data on the Open research page

  1. Click the setting button at the module select bar, the bottom of the work page, and click the publish menu.

2. Set information for 3rd follow me contest and a thumbnail. Toggle publish button and save.



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