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[Event] Join MatSQ Credit Event | ~ Aug 8th

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The MatSQ Welcome Credit Policy has been updated as of July 26, 2021, as follows.


Before ) Sign up with any email account - $ 10 credit
Now ) Sign up with an affiliation(company/institute/university)-issued email - $ 10 credit
What is the MatSQ credit?
MatSQ Credit is the currency used when performing calculations using the cloud on MatSQ.
Please refer to the sample data list to estimate the calculation price on MatSQ.
MatSQ data sample list
User Interview 002. All DFT calculations were done by MatSQ only -Dr. Amretashis Sengupta

Join the MatSQ credit event and get free credits!

From July 26 to August 8, 2021
How to Get MatSQ Free Credit?

1. Invite your friends to MatSQ - $ 20 each

The invitee must sign up with an email issued by the school, company, or institution to which they belong.

You can invite your friends on the account page.

2. Share MatSQ blog post on your SNS - $ 10 (One time)

Share a post you like on your Facebook or LinkedIn, and leave the link as a comment below.

*How to share MatSQ blog posts on SNS?

1. Go to MatSQ Blog.

2. Click a post you want to read.

3. Click one of the SNS icons which you want to share.

4. Leave the shared link(your SNS post link) as a comment here.

3. Post a new thread on MatSQ Forum - $ 10 (One time)

Ask anything such as technical issues or theoretical questions to other users on MatSQ Forum.

*How to post a thread on MatSQ Forum?

1. Go to MatSQ Forum.

2. Click the +New button.

3. Write something you want to ask other researchers or Materials Square.

4. Share your data on MatSQ Open Research - $ 10 (One time)

Upload and share your data with other researchers on MatSQ.

*How to upload data on the Open Research?

1. Save your work on the work page.

2. Click the setting icon below.

3. Click Publish menu and set the information to publish.

4. Toggle on the publish option and save.

If you have any inquiries, please leave a comment or contact us via chatbot.