How to cite CALPHAD

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  • 9 months ago

    Is there any recommended literatures to cite when I publish results from MATSQ CALPHAD? 


  • Young-Kwang Kim 9 months ago

    Hello. My name is Young-kwang Kim, Professional Concultant in Virtual Lab

    Thank you for using our cloud service, MATSQ CALPHAD. 


    If you publish some literature, three citation should be written in your literature. 

    1. Web-based materials simulation: Materials square,

    2. Sundman, B., Kattner, U.R., Palumbo, M. et al. OpenCalphad - a free thermodynamic software. Integrating Materials 4, 1–15 (2015).

    3. Database citation.

    if you tell me used database, I can recommand relevant database citation. 

    Best regards.

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